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1. Dig a hole with sloped, roughened sides three times as wide as the rootball, and no deeper than the rootball. Do not disturb the soil that the rootball will rest upon.

2. Save the soil removed from the hole. Discard rocks. Add equal parts fine pine bark & Leafgro®. Mix in the appropriate amount of Espoma® Bio-tone Starter Plus starter fertilizer to encourage new root growth.

3. Always water a potted plant thoroughly before planting it. If the rootball is rather dry and the water won’t soak in easily, you can carefully remove the plant from its pot and soak the rootball in a bucket of water for several minutes.

4. Untangle any matted roots around the outside of the rootball with a three-pronged cultivator.

5. Place the plant in the hole so that the top of the rootball is level with, or slightly higher than, the ground.

6. Fill in around the rootball with the amended soil, packing the soil firmly.

7. Construct a shallow basin around the plant to hold water.

8. Apply 1 to 2 inches of hardwood shredded mulch around the plant but not directly against the stem of the plant.

9. Water thoroughly.

10. Use the appropriate Espoma® Tone fertilizer for periodic care. Regular watering is essential for the first few growing seasons. As plants gradually become established, waterings should become less frequent. All plants require deep watering during extended periods without rain.

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