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Bignonia vines (Crossvine)

Time To Move On As Demolition Comes To An End

I went to see what was left at Behnke Nurseries today. It was all gone! I said I was not going to go, but I went anyway. I got there as that big monster machine that tore down every single structure was being loaded up.
Demo of Behnke Boiler May 2022

Behnke’s Demo Coming To An End

Demolition of Behnke Nurseries is coming to an end as more and more of the structures come down. Stephanie shares a video of when Albert Behnke installed the big boiler.

Demolition Starts But Memories Remain

This week, 3 years after Behnke Nurseries announced they would be closing, demolition started on the little brick house that so many including Stephanie called home.
Ele and Emily Behnke

Time Really Does Fly By

While at the Maryland Home & Garden Show, Stephanie enjoyed the time spent with her cousin Emily Behnke.
Behnke Demo

And So It Begins

And so it begins, the demolition of Behnke Nurseries after more than two years.
Sho Nuf Turkeys


Time to bring out the old cookbook of Rose Behnke and make another Thanksgiving Dinner
Larry Hurley Chili Judge

Thank You Larry Hurley For Everything!

As Larry Hurley and his wife prepare to leave Maryland and move back home to Wisconsin and family, Stephanie shares one of his many humorous gardening posts that we all love.
Vintage Dolls

But It Is A Collectable

How many times have I heard myself say it's a collectible? Might it be worth something someday? So a few weeks ago, I decided to have a big family yard sale. It was time to say goodbye to a few things that my children did not seem interested in.
Behnke Employees 1940s

Ft. Meade Area Garden Club: Behnke Nurseries The Early Years

Some of you might recall how much Behnke Nurseries supported our area garden clubs. I have always felt that these clubs, along with different plant societies, are essential for everyone. So, whether you are a beginning gardener or an old pro, these are excellent groups to consider joining.
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