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phalaenopsis orchid

It’s All About Orchids

February is all about love and flowers! Roses and Orchids. So many orchids. Read about Stephanie's conversation with the Orchid Lady plus, save the date for the National Capital Orchid Show and & Sale at Homestead Gardens this month.
African Violet Chanticleer

My Mom’s African Violets

Sonja Behnke Festerling's African Violets are over 45 years old and still growing strong!
Rabbit's Foot Fern In Pink Flamingo Plant Stand

My Amazing Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Stephanie shares about her Rabbit's Foot Fern and explains how and why she and her husband decided to re-pot it.
Women Do Not Want Chocolate

Women Do Not Want Chocolates (said no one ever)

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day besides a box of chocolate. Take a trip to your local independent garden center to check out all the different ways to say, "I love you!" With plants, of course!
spider plant

Spider Plants

It is said that “familiarity breeds contempt.” I think contempt is a strong word. We do crave things that are new. But most of us dine on the familiar or “comfort food” most of the time. It’s the same with plants.
christmas cactus

Let The Holidays Begin

Many people ask just “what is the difference between a Thanksgiving Cactus and a Christmas Cactus”? One of our experts at the garden center explained it like this...
peace lily

A Tale of Two Houseplants

There are a number of cultivars of Peace Lily. I have a big pot of one of the shorter ones that looks nice now, but no flowers. On the other hand, the taller more open one, ‘Mauna Loa,’ has a half dozen large, white, long-lasting blooms.
creeping phlox

Quiet Moments in March

The coronavirus has radically affected all of our lives, and we all have different circumstances, quirks, and abilities to deal with the changing warnings and guidelines.
Chronic Fe deficiency in Acoelorrhaphe wrightii

Off-Color Potted Palms

I like potted palms, and over the years I’ve seen palms that were off-color, sometimes even in my own house. I attributed it to an iron deficiency but didn’t know the cause. (See the reference at the end of the article for photos of iron deficient palms.)

All About Potted Palms

Yearning to add a little tropical flair to your home? Coming in many shapes, sizes and levels of care, you're sure to find a palm that will suit your needs and have you thinking warm thoughts.

Houseplants in Winter: Do’s and Don’ts

Though it may be more subtle than outdoor seasonal changes, our indoor environment (light, humidity, temperature) changes and so your houseplant care regimen should also change.  Here are a few tips to help your houseplant survive winter.
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