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Road Trip To Thanksgiving Farms

Road Trip To Thanksgiving Farms

Stephanie and her friends went on a road trip to Frederick County, Maryland to Thanksgiving Farms. So many amazing houseplants, so little time.
Bouquet of Zinnias

Jack Frost Is Coming Soon

WIth the cold weather right around the corner, Stephanie loves the beautiful bouques that are in her house
First Day Of Fall

First Day Of Fall

The first day of Fall is always something that Stephanie looks forward to.
Larriland Farm Fresh Pick Your Own Peaches

Larriland Farm: Pick Your Own

A conversation with Lynn Moore of Larriland Farm in Western Howard County, Maryland
September Garden

September Garden

So many things to see in a September garden. Stephanie shares a little of her garden this week.
Albert and Rose Behnke's Fireplace

Memories of My Grandparents Fireplace

Sorting through more photographs, Stephanie finially found the one she had been looking for! A photo of Albert and Rose Behnke's fireplace.
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