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Beyond Behnke's Gardening Forum

Beyond Behnke’s NEW Gardening Forum ~ Sign Up NOW

I want to invite you to Beyond Behnke's NEW Gardening Forum. This forum will be a place to ask questions and share information. As more folks post their questions or comments in one of the categories, we will build on that by adding more sections.
Sho Nuf Turkeys


Time to bring out the old cookbook of Rose Behnke and make another Thanksgiving Dinner
Bluebird In Flight

Blue Birds Everywhere

Stephanie writes about all the bluebirds she has been seeing.
Marshall Fleming Fall Yard Clean Up

Fall Yard Clean Up

It's that time of the year again when Stephanie's husband and father-in-law start with the Fall yard clean-up.
Deer Damage Crape Myrtle

My Poor Crape Myrtle

After a big storm Stephanie saw that disaster struck! And it was not the wind. Read more about what happened to her beautiful Crape Myrtle.
African Violet Chanticleer

My Mom’s African Violets

Sonja Behnke Festerling's African Violets are over 45 years old and still growing strong!
Larry Hurley Chili Judge

Thank You Larry Hurley For Everything!

As Larry Hurley and his wife prepare to leave Maryland and move back home to Wisconsin and family, Stephanie shares one of his many humorous gardening posts that we all love.
Rabbit's Foot Fern In Pink Flamingo Plant Stand

My Amazing Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Stephanie shares about her Rabbit's Foot Fern and explains how and why she and her husband decided to re-pot it.
Vintage Dolls

But It Is A Collectable

How many times have I heard myself say it's a collectible? Might it be worth something someday? So a few weeks ago, I decided to have a big family yard sale. It was time to say goodbye to a few things that my children did not seem interested in.
Searching For Acorns

The Acorn Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

One of my grandchildren's favorite things to do in the Fall is collect acorns. This year Mother Nature has given us an abundance of them. Aaron and Zoe were so excited to find so many that we had to get them coffee cans to hold them all.
Fall Porch

Welcome Fall

It is time to start thinking about how you want to decorate for Fall.
Zabrene Scapes Cantwell's Backyard Garden

Small Spaces With Zabrene Scapes

A few weeks ago, I was invited to see some work that Pete and Walter from Zabrene Scapes had recently completed in Greenbelt at the Cantwell's home.
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