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Marshall Fleming Fall Yard Clean Up

Fall Yard Clean Up

It's that time of the year again when Stephanie's husband and father-in-law start with the Fall yard clean-up.

Fall Yard Clean Up

How can it be September already? The days are getting shorter, and if you are like me, you might have looked around your yard wondering where the last 6 months disappeared.
zabrenescape pete walter

ZabreneScapes – Making Dreams Come True

Before Behnke’s closed our garden center last summer, we were recommending ZabreneScapes to you for all your landscaping needs. The owners, Pete Exis and Walter Ruano, are two very hands-on landscape designers that also love plants and people.
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Time: The Fourth Dimension of Gardening

When we moved to Maryland in 1984, we bought a suburban house that was built on a quarter-acre lot in the 1950’s. Enter the Hurleys, working with perennials every day at Behnke’s, I was eager to try new things....

Block a View, the Natural Way

Start thinking about what you're going to plant in spring. If you want more privacy or to hide something unsightly, landscaping to the rescue! Here are some principles for using plants as a screen.
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