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Victory Garden Manual

Victory Garden 2.0 – Fall is for Planting Bulbs

Fall is in the air and that means it’s time for mums, pumpkins, apples… and planting spring-blooming flower bulbs! Invest an hour or two this fall to enjoy weeks of color next spring!
white iris

Garden Surprise

Last Fall, Larry Bristow, Behnke’s Website Manager, shared some of his iris bulbs from his new home with me. Apparently, there were many different colors in a section of his garden. so when he gave me the bulbs to plant, we did not know what to expect.

How to Grow Amaryllis Bulbs

Giant, colorful blooms in the dead of winter? Anyone can grow them? Yes and yes. Get our tips for a simple flower whose looks are anything but.

Forcing Paperwhite Narcissus

Having fragrant blooms indoors during the winter is a great way to connect with nature when the world outside is dormant. And, there's no easier flower than paperwhites. Follow these guidelines for long-lasting beautiful blooms that won't flop over!

The Gift of Nature: An Annual Amaryllis Tradition

Emily shares her wonderful family tradition of sending amaryllis bulbs to family members for the holidays. Read her story and you might just want to start your own flowering family tradition.

I Remember When…

Stephanie shares memories of her grandfather, Albert Behnke (founder of Behnke's), and his love for spring-blooming bulbs. He planted so many varieties at his home gardens, he would use them as a showroom for customers!

Fall-Planted, Spring-Flowering, “Dutch Bulbs”

Planning and a leap of faith: that’s what it takes to be successful with bulb planting.  Planning, because you need to plant them in advance of when you need them, and a leap of faith because you have to believe…

Removing Easter Lily Anthers; Behnke Nurseries

Keeping your Easter Lilies Looking Fresh

When your flower opens, we recommend that you reach into the flower and remove the anthers: these are the 6 yellow pieces that surround the sticky, bulb-like pistil in the center of the flower.

A Watched Plot Spring Blubs

You know the saying “a watched pot never boils?” – this year’s numerous “false starts” for spring makes this saying particularly apt. With warm temperatures for a few days, snowdrops, witch hazel and other early bloomers started appearing and it was hard not to get our hopes up and look for other spring blooms.

Sally’s Amaryllis – Coaxing, Not Forcing, Nature

I don’t know how long ago the tradition started and I’m really not sure how many other friends and family receive (or received) an amaryllis bulb from my parents but some time, years ago, they began a holiday tradition and…

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