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Aaron and Zoe picking blueberries

Blueberry Picking Time

Each year Stephanie and her family pick blueberries off her in-laws blueberry bush.
Easter Candyland

A Trip To Candyland

Stephanie and her friend Donna make a road trip to Frederick County, Maryland to visit Gateway Candyland. Yum Yum

Time To Start Planting Asparagus

Stephanie's father in law, Marshall Fleming has his asparagus and onions planted in his garden. Next up will be his Spring peas.
Cast Iron Skillet

What Took Me So Long To Rediscover Cooking With Cast Iron?

Growing up, my grandmother and mom both had a cast-iron skillet always sitting on the stove. Mom still has hers. My husband said his mother and grandmother always had one too. That was the main skillet they used to make…

Parsley Caterpillar on the parsley plant

Parsley Caterpillars On Your Parsley Plant

There are so many wonderful things about Parsley. Best yet, are the beautiful caterpillars that eat it and turn into Black Swallowtail Butterflies
3 Generations Picking Blueberries on a 70 year old bush

Blueberry Picking

Nothing better than standing around the old blueberry bush with your grandfather and great grandfather picking blueberries
pictures of raised vegetable garden beds

Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

A lot of planning and work went into Jane & Marshall Fleming's vegetable garden over the years. This looks to be another successful year for them as they have already been harvesting the broccoli.
Homestead Gardens Houseplants

Homestead Gardens, A Maryland Destination Garden Center

This week Stephanie took a road trip to visit one of Maryland's destination garden centers in Davidsonville, MD. Homestead Gardens is a family-owned independent garden center that offers a wide selection of everything and beyond for your home and garden.
Vegetable Garden

The Beginning Of Our Spring Vegetable Garden

I have been spending a lot of time looking at all the different early vegetable seeds for our Spring garden these past few days. I think I am more of a dreamer than an actual doer.
victory gardening 2.0 growing tomatoes

I’m Dreaming Of A BLT Sandwich

There simply is nothing like picking a fresh tomato from your garden, and dinner is served. The funny thing is that I actually hated tomatoes and would never eat one till about 4 years ago.
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