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Allan Armitage Walkabout

Garden Walkabouts with Dr. A: In His Garden, Warts and All

Join Dr. Allan Armitage as his, 2022 Spring Garden Walkabouts with Dr. A: In His Garden, Warts and All on March 26th. Dr. A is a well known writer, speaker, and horticulturist. Born and raised in Quebec and Ontario, he later lived in East Lansing, MI and now resides in Athens, GA.
Helmut and Linda Jaehnigen

Helmut & Linda’s Arboretum

Read about Stephanie's much-needed visit to Helmut and Linda Jaehnigen's home in Columbia, MD. Seeing how nice their little arboretum looks and chatting with both of them about this past year.
Amsonia tabernaemontana Blue MD Native

Spring Blues

Larry Hurley writes about one of his favorite blue flowering perennials. There are a number of blue-flowered, spring-blooming perennials. A group you should consider are in the genus Amsonia, commonly known as Bluestar. Several are native to the United States, and one, Amsonia tabernaemontana, is native to Maryland. This species gets two to three feet tall, and blooms for several weeks in late April through early to mid-May, depending on weather conditions. It has pale blue flowers and nice yellow fall color. It grows in full sun to partial shade.
Albert Behnke -1991

My Grandfather’s Rose Garden

Albert Behnke loved many plants, but roses always held a special place in his heart. He grew up on his father’s nursery growing roses and brought that knowledge to America. My entire life has been about plants and flowers.
Caladiums Hillwood Estate

Next Year, More Caladiums!

Larry Hurley explains why he is planning on using more Caladiums in his garden next year.

Absence Makes the Garden Grow…

We've all been there: for one reason or another, there have been times we haven't been able to spend as much time in the garden as we would like. For Emily, a tonsillectomy has kept her physically unable to participate in her summer garden. Read how her plants reinvigorated her and how nature has been integral to her healing.

My Roots In Cleveland, Ohio

While visiting my hometown, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, this summer, I was struck by its beauty. Yes, you read that right. All you cynics who remember when the Cuyahoga River was on fire and imagine Cleveland like this: Cuyahoga River Burning…

DC Area Garden Dialogues this June

What are the secrets to great gardens?  Find out on June 27-28 by attending The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s Garden Dialogues in the Washington, DC, Metro Area. The settings are intimate—generally no more than 24-30 people; relaxed—most run 90 minutes, providing…

Open Garden Day Chez Moi

Last Saturday it suddenly occurred to me that after weeks of moving plants around and the construction of a privacy screen, my garden was finally looking good. And it would stay that way through July 4, when a slew of old…

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