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Pink Geraniums damaged by Deer

Please Don’t Eat The Geraniums

Seriously! Just stop with the eating of our flowers. Stephanie joins everyone else that has had enough of those pesky deer.
Red Geranium

How Old Is This Geranium Anyway?

Overwintering A Geranium For Spring I bought this red geranium in a 4 inch pot in 2018, the year before Behnke's closed. The photo does not show just how spectacular this color is, and unfortunately, I never knew what the…

Homestead Gardens Houseplants

Homestead Gardens, A Maryland Destination Garden Center

This week Stephanie took a road trip to visit one of Maryland's destination garden centers in Davidsonville, MD. Homestead Gardens is a family-owned independent garden center that offers a wide selection of everything and beyond for your home and garden.

I Need Some Pansies

My soul needs to be away from all the news. What to believe, what not to believe. If I am sick, I will stay home. But other than that, I am ready to get some pansies. I need to pot up my porch pots.
Caladiums Hillwood Estate

Next Year, More Caladiums!

Larry Hurley explains why he is planning on using more Caladiums in his garden next year.
Yellow Mum and Pansies

Time To Decorate For Fall

After Labor Day, and all the children go back to school it is time to start planning your Fall decorating ideas.
Get These Plants for Multi-Season Interest

Get These Plants for Multi-Season Interest

If you tend to shop for plants only in spring, you might find that your garden looks a little sad come fall. Here are a few of our favorites that will make your garden look good throughout the year.
‘Bounce’ Impatiens

‘Bounce’ Impatiens

These are the impatiens we’ve all been waiting for! 'Bounce' impatiens offer masses of beautiful color for the shade all summer long, and, best of all, they are disease resistant.
Begonias: A Shade Alternative to Impatiens

Begonias: A Shade Alternative to Impatiens

Begonias have gained popularity over the last few years as they are being used instead of shady impatiens. Plus, there are now many different varieties to provide more color and huge flowers and leaves. Read about some of the new varieties we're carrying that are bigger than big!
New for 2017: Annuals

New for 2017: Annuals

Get inspired with exciting, new things to come. This is the first in a series of articles that will showcase new plant varieties and products for the coming year. First up: annuals. They won't arrive for a few months, but you can still have fun imagining the possibilities.
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