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Deer Damage Crape Myrtle

My Poor Crape Myrtle

After a big storm Stephanie saw that disaster struck! And it was not the wind. Read more about what happened to her beautiful Crape Myrtle.
Searching For Acorns

The Acorn Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

One of my grandchildren's favorite things to do in the Fall is collect acorns. This year Mother Nature has given us an abundance of them. Aaron and Zoe were so excited to find so many that we had to get them coffee cans to hold them all.
Brighton Dam's Azalea Garden Welcome Sign

Brighton Dam’s Azalea Garden

How could I have lived in this area my whole life and never have known about the Brighton Dam's Azalea Garden? A beautiful public garden with over 22 thousand azaleas planted over 5 acres this is a must-see garden that everyone will enjoy.
Cherry Tree In Bloom

April Showers Bring Beautiful April Days

April Showers The saying goes, April Showers, Bring May Flowers, but I have to say whoever came up with that saying forgot about all the beautiful trees that are bursting with color in April. From Redbuds to Cherry Trees, April…


Look What I Got – Deutsia Nikko

My mother’s husband, Joe, used to work at Behnke’s in the ’70s and ’80s and went on to start his own wholesale nursery. He grows perennials and small shrubs for garden centers & landscapers.
tree take down

The Best Time To Cut Down A Tree

One would like to think that there never is a good time to cut down a tree. However, for this beautiful Norway Spruce that was given to us in 1985 by my grandfather, Albert Behnke time was up.

Get These Plants for Multi-Season Interest

If you tend to shop for plants only in spring, you might find that your garden looks a little sad come fall. Here are a few of our favorites that will make your garden look good throughout the year.

Ditch the Winter Doldrums with These Plants

Winter can be a bleak time in your garden, full of brown twigs and dead leaves. Before that time comes, consider these plants with eye-catching winter color and texture.

Add These Evergreens for Privacy and a Verdant View

As fall leaves start to drop, you may realize that you can see too much of your neighbors. Or that the view out a window looks lifeless. These lush evergreens will solve both problems!
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