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Amsonia tabernaemontana Blue MD Native

Spring Blues

Larry Hurley writes about one of his favorite blue flowering perennials. There are a number of blue-flowered, spring-blooming perennials. A group you should consider are in the genus Amsonia, commonly known as Bluestar. Several are native to the United States, and one, Amsonia tabernaemontana, is native to Maryland. This species gets two to three feet tall, and blooms for several weeks in late April through early to mid-May, depending on weather conditions. It has pale blue flowers and nice yellow fall color. It grows in full sun to partial shade.

All About River Birch

The Aspen of the East! This small, native tree is the perfect accent, featuring peeling bark and delicate leaves that flutter in the wind.

3 Favorite Native Perennials

Help save the world...starting with your yard. Planting natives is a great way to help the environment and make your garden beautiful in one fell swoop. Here are three of our favorite native flowers that will impress you year after year.

All About Summersweet

This easy-going, underused native shrub deserves more attention. Learn what makes this sweet-smelling shrub so special.

Environmental Gardening at Behnke’s

Those of you who have shopped here for many years may remember that we used to have our shade and flowering tree display area on the south side of our main driveway (that is, between Route 1 and the parking…

Goldfinches and Monarchs, a Perfect Pair

Hardly do we ever think of these two creatures together, and yet, by planting Black-eyed Susans and Milkweed we are inviting the two to co-mingle.  (Don’t fret, Goldfinches are seed eaters.)  Really, the two aren’t likely to go palling around…

4 Favorite Native Shrubs

Summersweet / Sweet Pepperbush (Clethra) Very aptly named, this shrub will impress you with its sweet scent in the middle of summer when fewer fragrant plants are flowering. Flowers are white or pink spires that are highly attractive to bees,…

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