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Albert Behnke with Double Delight Rose

My Grandfather’s Rose Garden Part 2

While looking through old photographs, Stephanie found more to share with her grandfather Albert Behnke's rose garden.

Blast From The Past

I got to spend some time last week with some very special women. I stopped in to say hello to Becky and her husband Nick. Many might remember Becky who ran our customer service and cashiers for many years. As…

daylily Stephanie Fleming

Some Special Daylilies: Hemerocallis

Are you like me and have deer that come out at night and eat all the buds off of your daylilies before they even bloom? This year has been the worst, but then we did not put up the deer tape as we have done in the past.
Albert Behnke -1991

My Grandfather’s Rose Garden

Albert Behnke loved many plants, but roses always held a special place in his heart. He grew up on his father’s nursery growing roses and brought that knowledge to America. My entire life has been about plants and flowers.
tree take down

The Best Time To Cut Down A Tree

One would like to think that there never is a good time to cut down a tree. However, for this beautiful Norway Spruce that was given to us in 1985 by my grandfather, Albert Behnke time was up.

Everyone Needs a Rose

Albert Behnke, founder of Behnke Nurseries, loved roses and grew many varieties at his home in Burtonsville. Stephanie, his granddaughter, shares memories (and a video) of him with his beautiful roses.

A Christmas Tradition

The holiday season is fast approaching. Poinsettias in the greenhouses are showing color – red, white, pink & many more as they have for generations at Behnke Nurseries. Preparations for the holidays to come are well under way. Now, is…

albert behnke cadillac

Albert Behnke’s Cadillacs

Albert Behnke, founder of Behnke Nurseries, loved many things: his family, his friends, his company and...his Cadillacs. Delve into Behnke history with these recollections of his love affair with these special cars.

There Is Something About A Tractor

My grandson Aaron loves tractors! As soon as he comes over to visit, after hello hugs, the first thing he asks his Granddad is: "Can we drive the BIG tractor?"
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