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Blast From The Past

I got to spend some time last week with some very special women. I stopped in to say hello to Becky and her husband Nick. Many might remember Becky who ran our customer service and cashiers for many years. As…

Rose Behnke With Her Son Albert H. Behnke

A Memory From A Family Friend

A few weeks ago, Pat Torbert Kral reached out to Stephanie to share a memory she had of her grandparents Albert and Rose Behnke. She put her memory down as part of a story about her first job.

Behnke’s Best

Being a seasonal business, every year as summer rolls around, we have to say goodbye to many phenomenal employees who made us shine through the busy spring months. This is Stephanie's thank you note to everyone who has been a part of the Behnke family over the years.

The Good Old Days

Times change, but a few things remain constant. Behnke's, for instance. And, according to Stephanie, the joys of owning a pet chicken. Read as she shares some of her mother's (Sonja Behnke Festerling's) memories of owning a pet chicken while growing up on the nursery.
Albert Behnke Cadillac

Albert Behnke’s Cadillacs

Albert Behnke, founder of Behnke Nurseries, loved many things: his family, his friends, his company and...his Cadillacs. Delve into Behnke history with these recollections of his love affair with these special cars.

I Remember When…

Stephanie shares memories of her grandfather, Albert Behnke (founder of Behnke's), and his love for spring-blooming bulbs. He planted so many varieties at his home gardens, he would use them as a showroom for customers!

Behnke’s Fall Fun Area Makes Memories

A few years ago, our garden center manager, Sissy McKenzie, came to us with a idea! A FREE area for kids to be kids--to play games and have fun. As a result, you will be seeing a lot of activities geared to our young gardeners throughout the year.
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