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The Good Old Days

Times change, but a few things remain constant. Behnke's, for instance. And, according to Stephanie, the joys of owning a pet chicken. Read as she shares some of her mother's (Sonja Behnke Festerling's) memories of owning a pet chicken while growing up on the nursery.

Jessica’s Garden: It’s Not Too Late

If you had asked me on the first day of Spring if I was ready for the next season, I likely would have without hesitation said yes. I took a trip with Grayson to Behnke’s in March to pick out…

Jessica’s Garden: Sowing for Spring

Not only has this week's gorgeous Spring weather been more than welcome, it has also been wonderful and beneficial for everything around our budding homestead. The chickens are much more content with the fresh new grass to snack on and the lack of snow and wet mud.

Jessica’s Garden: Crocus and Chicks Signal It’s Spring

When the crocus emerge and bloom it is without a doubt Spring. Ours have been blooming for about ten days now, so naturally I'm already feeling behind. I keep glancing out the windows at my garden, which is temporarily housing our chickens while we build a larger coop.
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