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Hakonechloa macra Aureola; Meadowbrook Farm; PA

10 Shady Perennials that Pass the Test of Time

One of my coworkers recently bought a home with a shady yard, and she was looking for advice on what to plant. I thought it might be time to review what has been successful in my shady garden.

Perennials at Behnkes: Phlox, Heuchera, Peonies!

Are you getting tired of the “one nice day in a row” weather we’ve been having so far this spring? I know I am.  It feels like the coast of Washington State instead of the ‘burbs of Washington, DC.  That…

master gardener

Gardening Basics: Spring Showcase

If you can sit still on our first warm Saturday, and you are a hard-core plant collector who dreams about new and unusual plants, consider attending the lecture at Behnke’s at Beltsville presented by by Oregon nurseryman Sean Hogan at 10AM, sponsored by the Four Seasons Garden Club.

Creeping Phlox – Phlox subulata

Creeping Phlox, Phlox subulata, is one of our most popular species of perennials. It’s a Behnke Baysafe Native Plant, native to sandy and rocky areas of Maryland. Growing low to the ground, it’s a nice ground cover for small-scale situations…

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