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Jessica’s Garden: Crocus and Chicks Signal It’s Spring

When the crocus emerge and bloom it is without a doubt Spring. Ours have been blooming for about ten days now, so naturally I'm already feeling behind. I keep glancing out the windows at my garden, which is temporarily housing our chickens while we build a larger coop.

Beginner’s Guide to Bulbs – What to do in the Fall

Here's the quick-and-dirty guide to bulbs, the fall version.  It starts with this basic info:  that you plant NOW for bulbs that bloom in the spring - most bulbs. BUYING AND STORING The bigger the bulb, the better.  Though when…


Introduction to Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs are among the most reliable plants in the garden. Properly handled, they will reward the gardener with dazzling displays - often the first breath of spring. But first, a map of your yard is a Good Thing. Almost…

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