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Swing Into Spring: Public Gardens

Get excited for warmer weather with this photo journal from Emily Stashower, featuring some of her favorite signs of the season.

A Watched Plot Spring Blubs

You know the saying “a watched pot never boils?” – this year’s numerous “false starts” for spring makes this saying particularly apt. With warm temperatures for a few days, snowdrops, witch hazel and other early bloomers started appearing and it was hard not to get our hopes up and look for other spring blooms.

Beginner’s Guide to Bulbs – What to do in the Fall

Here's the quick-and-dirty guide to bulbs, the fall version.  It starts with this basic info:  that you plant NOW for bulbs that bloom in the spring - most bulbs. BUYING AND STORING The bigger the bulb, the better.  Though when…


Introduction to Spring-Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs are among the most reliable plants in the garden. Properly handled, they will reward the gardener with dazzling displays - often the first breath of spring. But first, a map of your yard is a Good Thing. Almost…

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