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Starstruck Daylily

Daylillies, Deer & Ivory Soap

Last year I doubt I had any blooms on my daylilies. Those darling deer munched their way through our garden, eating everything in sight. My Knockout rose, my hydrangeas and my beautiful daylilies were all victims. It was on! This…


Named for its holly-like foliage and grape-like fruit (well, they don’t look like grapes to me), these evergreens are another of my favorite shade shrubs.  As durable as their relatives Nandina and Barberry, they are very adaptable and easy to…

Hakonechloa Macra Aureola; Meadowbrook Farm; PA

10 Shady Perennials that Pass the Test of Time

One of my coworkers recently bought a home with a shady yard, and she was looking for advice on what to plant. I thought it might be time to review what has been successful in my shady garden.
Deer And Hosta 2

Proof That Deer Really Do Love Hosta

One of the most asked questions we get at the nursery is:" What plants are deer resistant?" It is well known that deer love to munch on Hosta.They love it so much apparently, one mother decided to give birth early this morning amongst the hosta in my greenhouse.

Win a copy of 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants

Gardening in deer-infested territory may be old hat for you, or deer may be a recent challenge for you, thanks to recent increases in herd size in the D.C. area.  And by "challenge" I mean the untold frustrations and horrors…

Milkweed, So Much More Than Just a Butterfly Plant

Most people are familiar with milkweed as the host plant for the Monarch butterfly. However, milkweed is so much more than just a butterfly plant. Milkweeds are one of our most stunning and attractive native wildflowers.

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars

How would you like a plant that is drought tolerant, is heat tolerant, blooms for weeks, is deer resistant, is native, and is a butterfly magnet? Does this sound too good to be true?

Heuchera – Coral Bells

Heuchera, commonly called coral bells, is a group of North American-native plants, with several species native to Maryland. In fact, if you go to the C and O Canal National Historic Park in Maryland to see the Great Falls of the Potomac, you can easily spot some Heuchera pubescens

Ferns – All the Colors of Green

It is said that Ireland has a thousand shades of green. That has nothing to do with ferns, and having been to Ireland I have to say that it’s green all right, but the subtle nuances escaped me. I digress and it’s only the first paragraph. So: garden ferns: like Ireland, mostly green. Pretty subtle, with some notable exceptions. Below are the ones that I have found to be the most reliable.
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