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How can you tell if evergreens need watering?

With our June drought still going strong and no rain predicted, let's cover the trickiest plant group of all to water correctly - evergreens that don't warn us of their impending demise by drooping, as so many deciduous plants do.…

The Tall and Short of It

There are many more native grasses to choose from. All are unique and offer exciting and appealing characteristics to the fall garden. Be sure to check out the Baysafe tags when shopping and pick out a variety of native grasses. They are all worthwhile garden plants which are easy to care for. But most of all, these grasses care for our native wildlife and will bring you new butterflies and birds to your yard.

Milkweed, So Much More Than Just a Butterfly Plant

Most people are familiar with milkweed as the host plant for the Monarch butterfly. However, milkweed is so much more than just a butterfly plant. Milkweeds are one of our most stunning and attractive native wildflowers.

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars

How would you like a plant that is drought tolerant, is heat tolerant, blooms for weeks, is deer resistant, is native, and is a butterfly magnet? Does this sound too good to be true?
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