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Rabbit's Foot Fern In Pink Flamingo Plant Stand

My Amazing Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Stephanie shares about her Rabbit's Foot Fern and explains how and why she and her husband decided to re-pot it.

Look What I Got – Deutsia Nikko

My mother’s husband, Joe, used to work at Behnke’s in the ’70s and ’80s and went on to start his own wholesale nursery. He grows perennials and small shrubs for garden centers & landscapers.

Fall is for Planting: Plant and Pick Fast-Growing Veggies and Herbs Now

Picking fresh produce in the fall always feels like such a treat. Even though leaves are starting to change, your veggie garden still has plenty of time left to produce delicious vegetables. Help your organic garden produce more than ever this fall with these four tips from The Espoma Organic Company.

Espoma on Growing in Containers

Behnkes has long been a supplier and FAN of Espoma's line of (mostly organic) products and were happy to discover that their high standards for video production, as well.  We posted their video about container gardening in our e-newsletter and…

Lawn Foods at Behnke’s

We all want the beauty and satisfaction that comes with a lush, dark green lawn. But we want to obtain it without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.
Master Gardener

Gardening Basics: Spring Showcase

If you can sit still on our first warm Saturday, and you are a hard-core plant collector who dreams about new and unusual plants, consider attending the lecture at Behnke’s at Beltsville presented by by Oregon nurseryman Sean Hogan at 10AM, sponsored by the Four Seasons Garden Club.
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