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Berkleys For The Birds

Berkleys For The Birds ~ An Etsy Shop

Check out this young Maryland woman making her way though high school while creating an online business on ETSY.
half baked harvest

Introducing the Half Baked Harvest x Etsy Holiday Collection

ETSY is the perfect place for artisans to bring their items to you. I have been following Tieghan Gerand for a while now on her Facebook page. Take a few moments and see what beautiful items are included in her collection.

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes – Bottles Uncorked On Etsy

Take a look at these unique wine inspired products by BottlesUncorked from Fredericksburg, VA. These handmade windchimes make the perfect gift for you or someone special to you.

HortikiPlants On Etsy

With over 15 years of training and experience in sustainable agriculture, Hortiki Plants provides gardening inspiration, tools, and tips to help everyone realize their goals of maintaining flourishing gardens in any sized space.
gardening shirt

I Think I Have Enough Plants, Said No Gardener Ever!

I love ETSY! The whole idea that you can pretty much find anything on it and know for the most part it will be coming from a small business. For me, these gardening t-shirts have caught my eye.
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