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All About Fertilizing

To the novice and even more experienced gardener, fertilizer can be a bit of a mystery. Which one? Why? How much? Have your questions answered with this fertilizer primer.

Gardening Basics – Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets, they’re not just for hanging anymore. By all means, do hang them, but consider that basically, it’s a big pot full of colorful flowers or tropical foliage. You can remove the hanger, and set it on a pedestal for an instant “container” plant, or if it happens to be upright instead of trailing, you can set in on a table for a centerpiece.

Spring Lawn Care

As we move into spring, days are getting longer and warmer, and once again lawns in the Washington area are turning green and starting another season of growth. Behnke's is offering a few simple tips to get your lawn off to a great start this Spring.
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