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Fall Color for Sunny Spots

Last Sunday I was manning the information booth at Greenbelt's Farmers Market when a gentleman stopped to ask if anyone knew what colorful plants were growing in the median strip along the main street into town - the spot shown…


Gorgeous, Native Goldenrod gets a Bum Wrap

There are about 150 different Goldenrods, most of them native to the prairies, river banks, and mountains of North America. They’ve also spread widely throughout Europe, especially along roadsides and in vacant lots. They’re good for a brief back-of-the-border splash…

Alex’s Favorite Native Plants on DC Lawn and Garden Blog

Alex Dencker, well-known native-plant enthusiast and our Potomac manager, is making a guest appearance today on the wonderful local blog Metro DC Lawn and Garden - check it out.   And no surprise, he's recommending his favorite native plants for the…

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