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Learn to Avoid these Crimes Against Horticulture!

The concept of "crimes against horticulture" is the creation of writer/landscape architect/humorist/rock drummer Billy Goodnick, who loves to find examples, attach funny captions, and post them to his Crimes against Horticulture Facebook page. That page collects photos of what Billy…

Broken Limbs & Pruning Hints

Branches may have torn completely off of the plant, or may be broken but still attached. Any obviously broken branches that are still attached should be removed from the plant. They should be cut back to undamaged wood on the larger branch to which they are attached, or back to the trunk.
pruning matters field guide

Eight Steps For A Better Pruning Experience

This time of year has us checking off many projects that get our lives in order, both inside the house and out in the garden. Pruning is a part of our garden maintenance each year and can be a frustrating…

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