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Ribbon and Bows

How To Make The Famous Behnke Bow

The other day I decided to try to make a video of just how to make a Behnke Bow. Hours later, I figured out that no one actually makes a bow like we were all taught.

How to Water Houseplants

When watering houseplants there's no hard and fast rule of how often to water; you just water when it needs it. But how do you know when it needs it? Read on to find out!
boxwood arrangement (2)

How to Make a Tabletop Boxwood Tree

Cute and classic, a tabletop boxwood tree arrangement is perfect for any space that could use a little more Christmas cheer. Learn to make your own with this detailed how-to guide from Evelyn.

Wait Wait…Don’t Toss That

Our favorite nurseries and garden shops are brimming with products that promise to deliver the lushest of foliage, the healthiest of roots, and little to no lingering pests. There’s no doubt that there are some fantastic options out there, but…

Arranged Marriages (of flowers, of course): House Jewelry

September is almost here.  We already see yellow school buses everywhere…and soon we will see yellow leaves…mixed with green and orange and russet…all signaling the approaching arrival of autumn.  Some will reluctantly let go of summer while others embrace all…

Jessica’s Garden: Keeping Pesky Visitors at Bay

As we turn more and more soil for gardens at the farmhouse, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that we have great soil quality here.  At our old home, we had builder-grade, lackluster, red clay soil that needed attention…

Arranged Marriages (of flowers, of course): Enjoy Twice the Beauty!

Do you grow larkspur, cockscomb, yarrow, strawflowers, or globe amaranth in your garden?  Not only are all of these flower varieties beautiful as cut flowers when placed in a compatible container filled with water…they can provide twice the beauty because…

10 Common Gardening Frustrations (And How to Fix Them)

Gardening, if anything, teaches us to be patient and pragmatic and finding a solution to a problem you once thought annoying at best, hopeless at worst, can be empowering. So we’ve come up with a list of 10 common challenges that we face in the garden and how to see your way past them.

How to Create Container Vegetable Gardens, with Carol Allen

Hot off the camcorder, Behnkes has a fabulous new video by Horticulturist Carol Allen about planting up vegetables in containers.  Here are the highlights (and times indicated for selective viewing), for people who, like this blogger, have short attention spans…

How to Handle your Hosta

Behnkes Banks on 'Shade Aristocrats' The large, coarse leaves of most hostas tend to break up the monotony found in many landscape designs. With various sizes, colors, light requirements, foliage shapes and textures, it is possible to fit an easy-to-grow…

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