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‘Bounce’ Impatiens

These are the impatiens we’ve all been waiting for! 'Bounce' impatiens offer masses of beautiful color for the shade all summer long, and, best of all, they are disease resistant.

Alternatives to Impatiens

Impatiens are getting a lot of attention these days and it's not the kind of attention gardeners want to hear. You may not be aware of the problem, but our most beloved shade annual is at risk from a new…

Budget-Friendly Plants: Annuals that Spread by Seed

My new garden in Old Greenbelt is far smaller than the one I left behind - that was the idea, after all.  But though smaller, it's still a brand new garden, and mostly empty.  Calculating how much it would cost…

Gardening Basics – Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets, they’re not just for hanging anymore. By all means, do hang them, but consider that basically, it’s a big pot full of colorful flowers or tropical foliage. You can remove the hanger, and set it on a pedestal for an instant “container” plant, or if it happens to be upright instead of trailing, you can set in on a table for a centerpiece.
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