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10 Favorite Screening Evergreens

It’s that time of year again – the leaves are disappearing and views you had forgotten about are making themselves known again. This fall, get started on that living fence to keep your privacy, sanity, or simply to shield you from the winter winds. Here are five favorite large-scale screeners and five favorite small-scale screeners.

Instant Screening without Busting the Budget.

When I started my new townhouse garden in Old Greenbelt I knew enough to do three kinda permanent things in the yard as soon as possible - patios, paths, and some evergreen screening plants.  And I did all that and…

How can you tell if evergreens need watering?

With our June drought still going strong and no rain predicted, let's cover the trickiest plant group of all to water correctly - evergreens that don't warn us of their impending demise by drooping, as so many deciduous plants do.…

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