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Larry’s Favorite Native Ferns

I recently visited the garden of Behnkes’ perennials buyer Larry Hurley, shown in this blog story. But there’s another whole group of great shade plants that I admired in Larry’s garden – ferns! – so asked him to share with…

The Woods In My Back Yard – Part 2

Well, most of the spring wildflowers are finished, but you can still find a few here and there. Especially if you wander around off the beaten path (or paved path, as it were) and momentarily wonder just where the heck you are and where that path went…. I came across a colony of Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense) that still had some flowers tucked underneath their leaves.

Ferns – All the Colors of Green

It is said that Ireland has a thousand shades of green. That has nothing to do with ferns, and having been to Ireland I have to say that it’s green all right, but the subtle nuances escaped me. I digress and it’s only the first paragraph. So: garden ferns: like Ireland, mostly green. Pretty subtle, with some notable exceptions. Below are the ones that I have found to be the most reliable.
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