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Larry Hurley Backtard Now

Time: The Fourth Dimension of Gardening

When we moved to Maryland in 1984, we bought a suburban house that was built on a quarter-acre lot in the 1950’s. Enter the Hurleys, working with perennials every day at Behnke’s, I was eager to try new things....

You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

Our wandering horticulturist, Larry Hurley, is finding out that gardening in paradise isn't always easy. On the small Caribbean island of Montserrat, where his family owns a house, beautiful sunsets may be easy to come by, but potting soil? Not so much.

I Need to Freshen Up a Bit

Summer is in the final stretch, and most of what we are doing in August is maintenance or harvest.  It’s the time when you realize that the slugs have really been hitting the hostas, leaving them full of holes, and…

5 Universal Truths of Gardening

About a year and a half ago, my brother and I bought a small home on an acre lot on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.  Our parents had once had a home there, as did my brother.  We thought the…

What I Learned from Larry Hurley’s Shade Garden

With a brand new-to-me garden to fill up,  I need plant ideas, especially shade-loving perennials, so where better to look than the garden of our perennials specialist Larry Hurley? 
Larry H

Meet Larry Hurley, our Perennials Specialist

Larry Hurley, perennials specialist for Behnke Nurseries, has been with Behnke’s since 1984.  He always hoped someone would pay the ransom but no one has ever stepped forward. He was born in late December of 1950 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; a great…

Ferns – All the Colors of Green

It is said that Ireland has a thousand shades of green. That has nothing to do with ferns, and having been to Ireland I have to say that it’s green all right, but the subtle nuances escaped me. I digress and it’s only the first paragraph. So: garden ferns: like Ireland, mostly green. Pretty subtle, with some notable exceptions. Below are the ones that I have found to be the most reliable.

Eva Cassidy’s Day Job

Few people know that Eva Cassidy worked full or part-time at Behnke Nurseries for fourteen years at our Largo, Maryland nursery, between 1981 and 1995.
Hakonechloa Macra ‘All Gold’ Planted 2003

Favorite Plants of Behnke Employees

In fall, a gardener's fancy often turns to ornamental grasses. My favorite grass is slated to be the Perennial Plant Association's Perennial of the Year for 2009, Hakonechloa macra or Japanese Forest Grass. This is an interesting choice because, while…

Seed Starting

Science Fair Project Help For Students and Parents

Plants are wonderful subjects for science projects.  Here are some hints on how to make your project a success. Hints for Designing Your Experiment 1) Don't wait until the last minute. The longer you can run your experiment, the more…

Thoughts of November

This is a quiet time in the garden, as October is moving into November, flailing about, looking for the end of daylight savings time which it seems to have misplaced somewhere. In my shady perennial garden in Bethesda, Tricyrtis (toad…

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