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All About Fertilizing

To the novice and even more experienced gardener, fertilizer can be a bit of a mystery. Which one? Why? How much? Have your questions answered with this fertilizer primer.

Contrasting Front Yards: Turf-only v. Pollinator Heaven

I love this video by Beltsville wildlife gardener Marcia Van Horn.  (Viewable on desk and laptops, but not on mobile devices.)  I met Marcia through the video she created off Greenbelt’s Less Lawn Garden Tour.  Next, she volunteered to help me…

Now is the time to improve your lawn and here’s how

Horticulturist Carol Allen knows about lawns - in a former job she had to deal with millions of visitors trampling the National Mall, which fortunately none of us have to contend with.  And NOW is the best time to fertilize…

Espoma Organic Lawn Fall

Time to feed your lawn!

Between now and the end of October is the best time to feed your lawn - which needs a yearly application of Nitrogen or it'll keep getting thinner and weedier.  (Why? Because turfgrasses are not sustainable plants, y'all!  They're one…

Lawns, Bulbs and Thoughts of September

Change of Seasons Heralded by the Clarion Call of Yellow Jackets When last we talked I was considering my options as a corn farmer. I am here to report that I successfully fed my resident deer herd with about fifty…

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