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I Need Some Pansies

My soul needs to be away from all the news. What to believe, what not to believe. If I am sick, I will stay home. But other than that, I am ready to get some pansies. I need to pot up my porch pots.
Yellow Mum And Pansies

Time To Decorate For Fall

After Labor Day, and all the children go back to school it is time to start planning your Fall decorating ideas.

Counting Pansies

The nursery business used to be very different when Stephanie was growing up here at Behnke's. Read as she reminisces about the old days and the importance of getting the pansies just right to live up to Behnke quality standards.

Fall Bloomers

It might not feel like it, but fall is just around the corner! Check out our favorite fall-blooming annuals that will give you big-impact color from now until frost.

What Can I Plant for Fall?

Planting your garden isn’t just a spring thing!   If you are wondering what you can plant in the fall, the answer will be “just about anything.” I am a little partial to a specific group of plants since I work…

Yellow Pansy With Face

Explore the World of Pansies

Winter Blues got you down? Awaken your garden with bursts of color! Pansies, along with their smaller cousins Violas, make your hibernating garden come alive.

Pansies Love Cool Weather

With the mild winter we’ve been experiencing (February 2012), you’ve probably noticed that the pansies that you or others planted last fall have been blooming all winter. Pansies love cool weather, and if you need a spot of color for…

Pansies are Tough!

You've probably heard of “zone denial” - planting things that are marginally winter hardy in an area and hoping they make it through, by mulching, planting against a south facing wall, praying, and so on. Some years they do, some…

Plants that scoff at the chance of frost

Last week’s night-time temperatures in the low 30s had the Potomac store staff scrambling to tuck in our tender young plants under their blankies!  We’re not out of the cold weather woods yet, either; our frost-free safety date here in…

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