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How to Care for Poinsettias

It's the quintessential Christmas plant. But how to do you keep it looking perky and beautiful as the day you bought it all season long? Follow these tips!

A Time of Traditions at Behnkes

They say that life is all about change but there is something about about tradition. Each year we have our 4 seasons. We all know them--Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. At Behnke's, we also have a 5th season called "Thanksgiving/Christmas."…

Host/Hostess Gifts Galore

I went shopping today for something to take a hostess for Thanksgiving dinner, and the choice wasn't easy at all. Christmas Cactus come in a lot of great colors, and they're just unusual enough, I think. Orchids are increasingly popular…

Poinsettia Border

Poinsettias: The Care and Culture

This traditional Christmas plant has undergone many improvements in recent years. Excellent new hybrids, combined with professional growing techniques, produce a poinsettia that will bloom beautifully through the holidays and beyond.
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