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Jessica’s Garden: Busy as Bees

Life has been chaotic for Jessica; she's renovating her house and starting a new business all while pregnant! Read all about it and check out her neat up-cycled furniture.

Wait Wait…Don’t Toss That

Our favorite nurseries and garden shops are brimming with products that promise to deliver the lushest of foliage, the healthiest of roots, and little to no lingering pests. There’s no doubt that there are some fantastic options out there, but…

Jessica’s Garden: Enjoying the Best of Spring

The seedlings in my greenhouse have started to take off. Some haven't emerged yet; still mostly less than patiently waiting on the tomatoes and peppers to germinate. But the winter veggies, leeks, tomatillos and onions, sunflowers, marigolds and zinnias are all growing quickly with a little bit of heat and sunshine.
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