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Time to Start Feeding your Roses

Miri Talabac, Behnkes' buyer of shrubs (including roses),  reminds us that now's the perfect time to start feeding our roses.  She recommends Rose-tone, and nags us all to follow package instructions (though thankfully it's organic, so it's hard to overdo).…

Knock Out Rose

Knock Out, Rugosa and ‘New Dawn’ Roses

Knock Outs Although they have been around for a couple of years, the Knock Out series of roses still knock my socks off. I am very impressed by their repeat blooming and great disease resistance. You can see wonderful specimens…

Settle Them In for a Warm Winter’s Nap

As the cold season approaches there are several things to do for your trees and shrubs to ease their stress during the coldest months of winter. In general it is a good idea to apply fresh mulch around your plants…

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