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Grow Light Basics

If you're thinking of starting plants from seeds or have more plants that windowsills, it might be time to learn about grow lights.

Wait Wait…Don’t Toss That

Our favorite nurseries and garden shops are brimming with products that promise to deliver the lushest of foliage, the healthiest of roots, and little to no lingering pests. There’s no doubt that there are some fantastic options out there, but…

Starting your Vegetable Garden, with lots of Q&As

In late January Carol Allen talked to Behnke customers about how to get their vegetable garden ready for the new season.  Carol's an “honest-to-God horticulturist,” in her words, and avid organic vegetable gardener. First she reminded us why it’s so…


Select Your Direct-Sow Seeds Now For The Best Selection

Make Vegetable Gardening Fun and Interesting - Mix It Up. Now that I have you thinking about spring vegetables in the “Dread of Winter,” go to Behnke’s at Beltsville to enjoy the color and beauty while shopping for your cool…

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