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Time to bring out the old cookbook of Rose Behnke and make another Thanksgiving Dinner
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I Am Thankful For…

Thanksgiving is this week. It will be a different one for my family as I am sure it will be for many of you. We all have had to make adjustments in our lives. This will be the first one in my life that will be just the two of us.

Creating a Thanksgiving Centerpiece

A fall floral centerpiece can set just the right mood for Thanksgiving. But it often gets moved from the center of the table to make room for food! Follow these tips to make a beautiful arrangement appropriate for a buffet next to the table.
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Behnke’s & the Beltsville Small White Turkey

Did you know that Beltsville has its own breed of turkey? Just in time for Thanksgiving, read all about this small, local turkey that was once raised at Behnke's!

A Time of Traditions at Behnkes

They say that life is all about change but there is something about about tradition. Each year we have our 4 seasons. We all know them--Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. At Behnke's, we also have a 5th season called "Thanksgiving/Christmas."…

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

With holiday season fast approaching, we're getting ready for poinsettias! Read about some of the unique novelty varieties we will carry, perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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