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Bringing Houseplants Indoors, then Keeping them Alive

Those cool autumn nights are upon us, and if you have some of your houseplants outdoors, it’s time to think about bringing them back indoors for the winter. That is, assuming you want to save them. The other option is…


Colorful and Crazy Crotons

Known for their bright mulit-colored foliage, Crotons will make a great addition to your home.
Ficus Benjamina

The Finicky Ficus

Just about everyone that has ever purchased a Ficus Benjamina tree (commonly known as the weeping fig), has had to drag out the vacuum, broom, or even a rake to clean up those leaves that have dropped. All too often the concerned plant owner tries to water more, or water less, re-pot it, feed it, move it into more light, or move it into less light. Simply put, the plant just gets confused, and so do we.

Bromeliads – An Exotic Look Indoors

Bromeliads are easy-to-grow indoor plants. They are greatly adaptable to air-conditioned surroundings and less-than-ideal light levels, and tolerant of the neglect imposed on them by the hectic pace of modern living. Bromeliads (Bro-meel-ee-ads) are members of a large family of…

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