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Victory Garden Manual

Victory Garden 2.0 – Fall is for Planting Bulbs

Fall is in the air and that means it’s time for mums, pumpkins, apples… and planting spring-blooming flower bulbs! Invest an hour or two this fall to enjoy weeks of color next spring!
Victory Garden Manual

Why Continue Your Victory Garden 2.0 into the Fall

As the cool autumn season begins its descent, you may think that the gardening season is over until next summer. But not so fast… Fall is the perfect time of year for planting cool weather crops!
Garden Harvest

The Neff Sisters’ Garden Update

A few months ago, I shared with you the story of beginning gardeners Adrienne and Cordelia Neff’s Victory Garden. At the time, they had planned out the garden and got their seeds, put up a fence, and got to work.
Victory Garden Manual

Victory Gardening 2.0 – Growing Wildflowers

Wildflowers are one of Mother Nature’s loveliest gifts. American Meadows answers 15 FAQ on growing wildflowers. We hope these answers will help you grow an amazing wildflower garden.
Two Sisters 1

Two Sisters Victory Garden

Each week this spring, I have shared different posts with you about starting your own Victory Garden. A few weeks ago, former #BehnkeBest Adrienne Neff and her sister Cordelia Neff decided to make their own Victory Garden.
Victory Garden Manual

Victory Gardening 2.0 – Growing Peppers

We asked the NGB breeder members to answer the most often asked growing peppers questions we receive. We hope that these answers will bring a delicious pepper season to you.
Victory Garden Manual

Victory Gardening 2.0 – Growing Tomatoes

A Victory Garden 2.0 wouldn’t be complete without a few tomato plants. NGB breeder members answer 15 of the most often asked growing tomatoes questions.
Victory Garden Manual

Victory Gardening 2.0 – Planting Outdoors

In our last blog, we talked about how to plan your garden, including starting from seed. Now it’s time to think about or begin, planting your garden outdoors. Remember, two very important steps in gardening are...
Victory Garden Manual

Victory Gardening 2.0 – Ten Steps for Planning Your Own

As the National Garden Bureau celebrates its 100th anniversary (1920-2020), it seems timely to reintroduce the concept of victory gardening with quick and easy steps to plan and grow your own vegetable garden.
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