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Winterberry Holly

Berries in the winter! What could be better? We could all use more interest in our winter landscapes, and this native holly is a good place to start. Here, losing leaves is a good thing - the better to admire…

9 Favorite Native Shrubs for Wet Areas

Shrubs are the backbone of the garden, but if you have an area where water pools or just stays consistently soggy, it might seem hard to find plants that flourish. Here are some of our favorites that have adapted to like wet conditions.
Crape Myrtles In August

Introduction to Woody Plants

Woody plants are plants that live for more than year and make wood, which, as you know, is the stuff furniture is made of. They have one or more stems as well as branches. These grow in diameter every year…

Winterberry Holly

Transforming Everyday Greenery into Holiday Decorations

Is your garden a gold mine of holiday decorating possibilities? The traditional greens used in many wreaths, swags and other decorations, Fraser, Douglas and Balsam firs, may not grow well in this area, but many gardens have an abundance of…

Winterberry Holly

A holly that doesn’t act like the hollies you’re familiar with – not prickly and not evergreen – and native to boot.
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