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Gardeners make great neighbors!

Nontraditional front-yard gardens are increasingly in the news, and one in particular has been all OVER the news and blogosphere.  In the (now notorious) town of Oak Park, Michigan,  Julie Bass faced jail time for growing vegetables instead of turfgrass…

Water Conservation In The Landscape

Water Conservation in the Landscape

You do not have to let your shrubs, trees and lawn wilt and die to conserve water.  Nor do you need to have a yard composed of rocks and gravel to have a water-efficient landscape. In fact, you can have…

Water your Plants and Consider Xeriscaping

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but it’s been a hot summer. (As a horticulturist, I am always planting; just now I planted my tongue firmly in my cheek.) Last year, July was cooler and wetter than normal, this year just the opposite. Long hot spells with few breaks in temperatures, and the occasional severe thunderstorm to keep it interesting.
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