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Chili Cookoff Report

Top Cookoff Winner Dick Dietos


L to R, Rotary members Karl Norris and David Fitzgerald. Scouts of Beltsville Troop 1033

Saturday we hosted our third officially-sanctioned Chili Cookoff at our garden center in Beltsville.  Fifteen chili cooks competed in a juried competition to pick the best chili. The cooks started setting up at 8AM and by noon, pots of chili were bubbling away. There are strict rules about what can be in the chili (no beans, for example), and all ingredients must be assembled and cooked on site. Visitors to Behnke’s were able to sample some of the recipes, 5 samples for $5, with proceeds going to benefit the Beltsville Rotary Club. Judging began at 2PM, with 11 judges eagerly spooning chili, and cleansing their palates between samples with cheese and sour cream. Tough job if you can get it. The winning entrants accrue points toward earning a spot at the Terlingua International Championship Chili Cookoff, coincidentally held in Terlingua,Texas.

Thanks to all the chefs for coming out this year, and we’re already looking forward to next time.

Our judges, including Larry Hurley, Chris Upton, Diane Lively, and Karen Upton

Posted by Larry Hurley, Perennials Specialist for Behnke’s

Larry Hurley, perennials specialist for Behnke Nurseries (now retired), started with Behnke’s in1984. Larry enjoys travel, food and photography. He and his wife Carolyn have visited Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil, South Korea and much of Europe. Their home is on a shady lot where a lot of perennials have met their Maker over the years.

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  1. Thanks to all the great people at Behnkes that made this possible. Hope to see more cooks next year

    and now …..

    Announcements, Announcements, Announcements ………

    Peoples Choice – John Elder
    Road Runner – John Elder
    10th – Michael Watkins
    9th – Alex Sievering
    8th – Karen Werge
    7th – Jim Proctor
    6th – Laurie Midgley
    5th – Dan Baurer
    4th – Rick Sievering
    3rd – Nancy Bremer
    2nd – Janie Baurer
    Numero UNO – DICK DIETOS

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