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Sedums – Spillers, Fillers, and Thrillers.

img_7842 The sedums are a diverse group of plants, easily grown. For the most part they prefer full sun and well-drained soil.

They will tolerate afternoon shade, but the foliage colors will be less intense, and the taller ones like ‘Autumn Joy’ are likely to sprawl like a teenager in algebra class (“Sit up straight!”), and blooming will be reduced. There is a native sedum, Sedum ternatum, which is a well-behaved creeping variety with white flowers, which really does fine in partial shade. Too much water or fertilizer also causes soft growth; sedums are best grown “lean.”

img_7843_edited-1The sedums we offer come in two forms: low creepers many of which make good small area-ground covers, and those that grow from a compact crown, nice as accents or specimens. They all work well in containers.  It is said that containers need “spillers, fillers, and thrillers.”  The creeping sedums make good spillers, cascading over the lip of the container.

The smaller growing clump forms make good “fillers”  while, depending on your quotient for excitement, the taller ones can be your prime focus or “thriller”, at least in an autumn-themed container. The creepers and smaller clump forms are also great tucked into pockets in unmortared stone walls.

In addition to the seasonal flower display, generally late/spring or early summer, or fall, depending on the selection, many of the sedums have colorful foliage with golden, red, gray or purple coloration. Some are color-fast, while others develop deeper color in cool weather.

Larry Hurley, perennials specialist for Behnke Nurseries (now retired), started with Behnke’s in1984. Larry enjoys travel, food and photography. He and his wife Carolyn have visited Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil, South Korea and much of Europe. Their home is on a shady lot where a lot of perennials have met their Maker over the years.

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