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Garden Harvest

The Neff Sisters’ Garden Update

A few months ago, I shared with you the story of beginning gardeners Adrienne and Cordelia Neff’s Victory Garden. At the time, they had planned out the garden and got their seeds, put up a fence, and got to work.
Two Sisters 1

Two Sisters Victory Garden

Each week this spring, I have shared different posts with you about starting your own Victory Garden. A few weeks ago, former #BehnkeBest Adrienne Neff and her sister Cordelia Neff decided to make their own Victory Garden.
Audrey 1

Look Who Showed Up!

I heard last week from Rawlings Conservatory & Botanical Gardens in Druid Hill Park, Maryland that they were now displaying the famous Audrey II from Behnke’s at their Carnivorous Plant Display.

The Voice… at Behnke’s

I have written about Adrienne Neff many times in the past. She is the talent behind most of our wonderful creative props/crafts/works-of-art you see while shopping at Behnke's. Working with Susan O'Hara in our graphics department, the two of them make Behnke's shine.
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