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November in the Shady Garden

Larry Hurley, Behnke horticulturist, describes what he does in his garden in November. Get his tips for covering a fish pond, dealing with fallen leaves and more!

How to Clean Your Pond

Materials Needed: Holding Tank Net to Cover Holding Tank Pump and Tubing (Could use your pond pump) Fish net to catch fish and scavengers Pond Thermometer Chlorine/Chloramine Remover, such as Ammo Lock Directions: Set up your holding tank next to…

How to put your fish pond to bed for the winter

  According to Behnkes' water-gardening expert Bill Watts, it's best to do this, um, last month, but  now is also fine (and better than not doing it at all), especially with our unusually warm fall. Stop feeding the fish and…

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