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july 1956 wicomico house

Update to This Old House

Last week out of the blue, I got a message on Facebook from Dagmar Nearpass talking about her father, who worked around 1955 for my grandfather. She mentioned that they lived in a brick Cape Cod house up the big hill from the nursery.

Behnkes Gardening Blog – Going Forward

I do want everyone to know, we will be keeping our website, blog and social media going. We will be writing about different independent garden centers and continue to give you great information about your garden.

Finding Treasures in Behnke’s History

I am sitting in my office, surrounded by boxes. What to save? What to shred? What to toss? I just want to walk away from it all, but I can't do that. So I keep going, sorting and finding treasures.

Counting Pansies

The nursery business used to be very different when Stephanie was growing up here at Behnke's. Read as she reminisces about the old days and the importance of getting the pansies just right to live up to Behnke quality standards.

Poinsettias: Then and Now

I was going through some old folders and came across The Evening Star newspaper from December 17, 1964 starring ME on the front page. I think there was once an old, faded, framed copy of it hanging somewhere here at the nursery,…

Welcoming an Old Friend

As a business that's been around a long time, we've had many employees over the years. The holidays brought in Leo Bicknese, former Behnke's Vice President and one of Stephanie's honorary dads while growing up at the nursery. It had been over 25 years since she saw him!

There’s Something About This Man

Stephanie Fleming recalls some of her favorite memories of her grandfather, Albert Behnke, co-founder of Behnke Nurseries.
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