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Hummingbird On A Feeder

Hummingbirds Everywhere

After many attempts to get a photo of one of the hummingbirds in Stephanie's yard, finally success!
Titmouse And Kinglet At The Bird Feeder

Feed the birds, Tuppence a Bag

Feed the birds! Winter, especially it is important to feed your back yard friends. A bird feeder or two maybe even three will make the birds very happy and the bonus is you will be able to watch them from the compfort of your own home. Or tent as some people do.

Indigo Bunting

Sometimes you don't have to go far to see something special. Stephanie proved this true with a walk in a local park that led to the discovery of a vibrantly-hued bird.

Feeding Birds as Seasons Change

Fall is here and a young bird’s fancy turns to seed; at least that’s the way many of the birds that overwinter in our area survive until next spring’s insect buffet starts up. If you are a casual feeder of the birds, here are some things you can do now to prepare for the change of seasons.

Re-Tweeting Birds In The Garden

The discovery of an active nest is one of those unexpected treasures you can’t possibly script. Even with summer underway, Emily continues to find nests in her garden. Click through to read her observations.

Marking the Change of Seasons

Larry Hurley, Behnke horticulturist, has been contemplating the change in seasons while looking out the window at birds and plants at home and at Behnke's.

It’s Easy Being Green

Kermit and our local frogs alike would love the surge of environmental awareness. With housing developments popping up like fungi on a log, our local habitats are disappearing. The ray of sunshine in all this is that each of our…

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