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Department 56

What! Christmas Already?

If you have been by our garden center you just might have seen the Behnke elves hard at work, sweating up a storm in the Christmas Shop.

A Time of Traditions at Behnkes

They say that life is all about change but there is something about about tradition. Each year we have our 4 seasons. We all know them--Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. At Behnke's, we also have a 5th season called "Thanksgiving/Christmas."…

Scenes from a Holiday-Ready Nursery

In anticipation of the Behnkes Holiday Open Houses this weekend, I took a stroll through the Beltsville store. Trees, lots of them.  Love the smell, the best Christmas smell of all (and there are so many great ones!). The cute…

New this year: a Christmas Shop that replicates home for the holidays

This year our Beltsville Christmas Shop is something NEW but very traditional - an old-fashioned '50's style farmhouse done up for Christmas. Rooms have been created and decorated t0 give customers ideas about how they can decorate their own homes…

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