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What to do with Dead Leaves

This time of year you see a lot of “eco-friendly” gardening advice about dead leaves and I wholeheartedly endorse the bottom line – that it’s crazy to send them off to the local landfill, where they take up space and…

Our USDA Neighbor Does Serious Compost Research

One of Behnkes' closest long-time neighbors in Beltsville is the world-famous Beltsville Agricultural Research Center,  which I visited recently to get a tour of their compost research from an old friend.  But any notion that the target audience here is…

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Earth-Friendly Lawn Care Throughout the Year

As we’re all increasingly concerned that our gardening practices might harm the environment, lawns are coming under attack. But the good news is that not only is it possible to have a good-looking lawn without harming the environment; it’s actually…

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