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Our USDA Neighbor Does Serious Compost Research

One of Behnkes' closest long-time neighbors in Beltsville is the world-famous Beltsville Agricultural Research Center,  which I visited recently to get a tour of their compost research from an old friend.  But any notion that the target audience here is…


Composting Basics

Organic gardening experts are constantly telling us to improve our soils with organic matter, but what kind?  Fully decayed organic matter — compost — is, in the words of one* of my favorite gardening books, “the creme de la creme,…

Gardening Basics: Save Those Leaves!

Gardening Basics: Simply Put, Save Those Leaves! Before your rake all of the rest of the leaves to the curb, consider a compost pile. People become obsessed with composting, with bins, thermometers, turning the pile, adding this and that…but, if…

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