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Hints for a Happy Coneflower

Coneflowers can be tricky to establish going into the first winter, especially when planted in August or later, as there is limited time for them to make a substantial root system and crown. Here are some suggestions to improve your overwintering success.

Pollinator Garden at Behnke’s is One Year Old

Behnke's has a number of demonstration gardens. One of the most recent additions is the Pollinator Garden, still going strong and growing robustly after one year. Click through to learn about the some of the plants in it and come by the store to see them in person.

Top 10 Plants you Can’t Kill!

I can't resist a "Top 10" list.  I also can't resist weighing in on their choices.  So here are the plants, with Birds and Blooms explanation of why they love each plant, and my own assessment of each plant. 1.    …

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